Quality Management System


ASTRA BIOPLANT EOOD is a modern factory for manufacture of biodiesel fuel, refined and unrefined oil, free fatty acids, glycerine and oil meal.

The company’s main goal is, through making quality products that live up to our clients’ expectations, to satisfy their needs and thus achieve a maximum market share on the Bulgarian and European market. By implementing and maintaining the Quality Management System for the offered products, the company sets these goals: 

Achieving a production of around 60 000 t. refined oils per year, trading with 500 000 t. esters and 8000 t. glycerin;

Following the regulated parameters of the Environmental Impact Assessment for environmental protection;

Production and realization of safe and quality products and no claims of clients;

Maintaining 35% decrease in carbon emissions as a result of using the biofuel manufactured by the company, put in the mineral fuels as well as an increase in the market share of second the generation biofuels.

The set goals will be accomplished with a constant improvement of the business culture for stable partnership in the market conditions, such as: 

Maintaining trust and security in our clients and partners, maintaining parameters on the normatively determined and agreed upon quality and surpassing their expectations;

Guaranteeing the safety of products;

Environmental protection;

Following the criteria for sustainability set in Directive 2009/28/EC.

To achieve the set goals, the senior management of ASTRA BIOPLANT EOOD makes the following commitments:

To create and maintain a favourable environment for satisfying the needs and expectations of the clients;

To follow the applicable normative requirements relating to the activity of the company and to constantly improve the efficiency of the quality management system;

To guarantee the satisfaction of the requirements of customers and partners and to not allow a conflict of interests;

To guarantee high professionalism and possibility for training and developing personnel;

To guarantee in-house accountability and control;

To make reviews and evaluations of the accomplishment of the goals of the company and functioning of the management system in the company. 

To create a motivated work environment for our workers and employees, with mutual trust, respecting personal dignity, acknowledging personal and collective accomplishments, improving work conditions and communications, constant increase in qualification.


General Manager – Eng. Dimitar Minchev