„Astra Bioplant“ LTD is certified according the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2015.

The company has also issued certificates by SGS Germany in compliance with the sustainability requirements of ISCC System GmbH.
The ISCC certificate is a guaranteed method for distinguishing sustainable from unsustainable biomass or bioenergy.
According Directive 2009/28/ЕО for renewable energy, the biomass intended for use as biofuel or bioenergy shall be produced sustainably. The quoted Directive sets requirements regarding this for limiting the negative impacts on the environment. The certificate of “Astra Bioplant” LTD cover standard ISCC EU.

The company also disposes with current documents issued by State Fund Agriculture /SFA/ - intended particularly for the needs of Italian market and especially related with the traceability of grain, proving its European origin.

The Company has registration of its basic product – biodiesel in the European Chemicals Agency. The submission of registration dossier is part of the obligations of the companies-producers, importers and distributors downstream of hazardous chemical substances and products according Regulation of the European Commission No 1907/2006 (REACH). The registration dossier of the produced biodiesel received reference number 01-2119471664-32-0115 by the European Chemicals Agency.

The company has also issued certificates by SGS Germany ISO 9001:2015.

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The certificate of “Astra Bioplant” LTD cover standard  ISCC EU.